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Mobile Hoist Test Stand | Top Quality Hoist Testing Equipment

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Affordable Accurate Hoist Testing Equipment

American Fabricating, INC was founded to provide industry leading hoist test equipment at affordable prices. Our patented Hoist Test Stands are designed with the user in mind, the result of years of experience. American Fabricating Hoist Test Equipment is "Portable - Affordable - Accurate" and comes with user friendly Hoist Test Certification Software.

The hoist test usually takes less than 1 minute (or 60 seconds) per hoist. If the hoist passes the OSHA requirement of testing to a minimum of 125% of capacity (guidelines are already preset for you) it is a simple matter of printing the results of the hoist test for your customer. Additional sales will be generated by reminding the customer next year it is time to re-test the hoist on your annual inspection program.

American Fabricating, INC can source "Annual Certification Tags" with your company name and phone number.

Your company will find the American Fabricating, INC Hoist Test Stand will pay for itself in a very short time.

Our test stands are so reliable and accurate they are used in the training schools of both CM Hoist in Amhurst, NY and Coffing Hoist in Wadesboro, NC.

We have sold our test stands throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia.

Our design forces the technician to stand beside the test stand instead of in front, when performing a test, to ensure safe and accident free testing.

The mobile hoist test stand is designed to facilitate "On Site" testing and can be easily rolled to various sites. The base has holes for permanent mounting to either the floor or a work bench is desired.

Base tubular design allows for movement with a forklift truck if desired, but in most cases the wheels work faster.

The 20 ton hoist test stand is designed with "Fork Pockets" to facilitate ease of movement and it has holes for permanent
attachment to the floor.

We offer the highest quality and most affordable hoist test equipment, and we now have a 30 ton hoist test stand available.

Our hoist test equipment now offers dynamic hoist testing.